December 5, 2016 – Documentary film Rock Bottom and Back™—Desperation to Inspiration is in negotiations for a launch into the Christian marketplace.We are proud to announce that Rock Bottom and Back™ is now available on where you can download or rent the film instantly. Christian Cinema touts the largest selection of faith-affirming and family-approved films on-demand.

With the intent to make the film available to the widest audience to help as many people as possible find hope, redemption, and faith, BIC Media Solutions is distributing the documentary film across all digital platforms, and prominently within the Christian marketplace.  Ministries, churches, and faith-based organizations have embraced the film as an educational tool for counseling and creating sermons based on stories of faith and redemption featured in the book and documentary.

As the mission of BIC Media Solutions is to create faith and family based entertainment, it is the goal to help change lives and inspire others to Never Give Up.

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