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Termite Watkins

Maurice “Termite” Watkins has spent decades motivating others to be the best they can be. Termite became the nation’s first 16-year-old to win the National Golden Gloves Championship, with an amateur record of 128 wins and 10 losses. He went on to box professionally and amassed an impressive record of 58 wins, five losses, two draws, and 48 knockouts. He eventually fought for the world welterweight title on the same card with Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. He lost that fight in a controversial decision after 15 rounds, but his career in boxing was not over. It simply went in a different direction.

In 2003, Termite, who had been as disturbed as everyone by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, was given the opportunity to travel to Iraq to serve his country. He had followed in his father’s footsteps and was working in the pest control business, and he agreed to help rid U.S. military camps of bugs, snakes, and rodents. In the middle of the Iraq War, Coalition Leader Mike Gfoeller learned that Termite was a former professional boxer, and he challenged Termite not only to build an Iraqi boxing team, but also to get them to the Olympics. This would prove to be an almost insurmountable task, riddled with bombs, unfamiliar customs, and only a short time to perform this miracle, but Termite was up for the challenge.

In 2004, Najah Ali Salah, one of the Iraqi boxers Termite trained, made his debut at the Olympics in Athens, Greece. It had been almost two decades since Iraq had been represented at the Olympics. The fight to return had been the toughest fight of Termite’s life—and the most rewarding. Because of Termite’s efforts, Iraq was represented in many sports at the Olympics that year. His experience in Iraq proved to be a turning point in his life.

Hailed as a “miracle worker,” Termite returned home. In 2005, the Boxing Writers Association of America presented him with a Special Achievement Award to honor him for what he had accomplished in the midst of a war. Later that year, Intersport named Termite as its Arete Award winner.

Termite founded Fighter Nation in 2011, a boxing ministry that trains athletes to box and also hosts weekly Bible classes for them. In 2012, Marlen Esparza, a boxer from Termite’s gym in Houston, became the first female boxer from America to compete in the Olympics. She took home the bronze medal. Termite was inducted into the Houston Boxing Hall of Fame.

By helping others achieve their dreams, Termite has found a new way to become a champion. Today, he inspires others through speaking engagements at plants, refineries, businesses, organizations, churches, and schools. He draws from his remarkable boxing career as he shares how to create a safe working environment through awareness and maintaining a positive attitude. He motivates attendees to pay the price for success because the price of failure is simply too great.

Termite is available to speak on the following topics:

  • A passion to win
  • Inspirational and/or religious topics
  • Leadership training
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Safety awareness
  • Sales
  • Team building
  • Resilience after reaching rock bottom

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