The Rock Bottom and Back™ Speakers Bureau

provides an opportunity for the heroes depicted in our stories to visit with you personally – to share their life experiences and provide hope, optimism, motivation, and inspiration. 


Earl B. Heard Susan Mustafa - Rock Bottom and Back Co-AuthorTermite WatkinsTonja Myles - Rock Bottom and BackBilly Rivers - Rock Bottom and Back


EARL B. HEARD – CEO of BIC Media Solutions/BIC ALLIANCE, Co-Author and Creator of Rock Bottom and Back book and docu-series

SUSAN MUSTAFA – New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Author of Rock Bottom and Back

TERMITE WATKINS – Pro Boxer turned drug addict to inspirational hero

TONJA MYLES – from the crack house to the White House

BILLY RIVERS – biker gang member and heroin addict to Christian minister


For booking information please contact Rose Gladner at BIC Media Solutions.   800-460-4242

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