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Earl B. Heard


Although it’s been more than two decades since he gave up a successful career as an industrial training manager to become an entrepreneur, BIC Alliance CEO and Founder Earl B. Heard still enjoys helping industry professionals to grow in their professional lives through his Alligator Management & Marketing seminars and keynote presentations. Heard began offering these programs as a value-added service during the early days of BIC Alliance and plans to continue offering them during his retirement years.

Heard’s topics include:

-Leadership and the Power of Influence / Networking
-Energy and/or Media Entrepreneurship
-Finding Film Investors or Energy Investors
-Turning Adversity into Opportunity
-Entrepreneurship — Going to Rock Bottom and Back
-Alligator Management, Marketing and Sales
-The Importance of Networking — Getting Together to Get Ahead
-The Role of Safety On the Job and Off

Heard has delivered presentations at trade shows, conferences, company sales meetings and film festivals, as well as sales and marketing training sessions hosted by BIC Alliance. He has also spoken to youths at private and public schools and church congregations. Listed below are just a few of the events at which Heard has spoken:

-TEEX Leadership Conference 2014 (Leadership and the Power of Influence)
-Christian Worldview Film Festival (Finding New Sources of Media Investors)
-New Orleans Film Festival (Finding New Sources of Media Investors)
-Kiewit Annual Management Conference (Alligator Management & Marketing Techniques)
-Publishing Business Conference (Ancillary Income for Media and Publishing Firms)
-RAE Systems Seminar on Wireless Leak Detection Technology
-Bayou Industrial Alliance Meeting
-Scaffold Industry Association Annual Meeting
-LOBOS Industrial Trade Shows
-Industrial Fire World Conference & Expo
-Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference
-Total Safety Inc. Regional Sales Meeting
-Atlas Copco Annual International Sales Meeting
-Oilfield Christian Fellowship Prayer Breakfasts (Houston and Lafayette, La.)
-West Chambers County, Texas, Chamber of Commerce Meeting

BIC Alliance also partners with other experts in business and industry to offer additional seminars and presentations on sales and marketing, professional development, investment banking, custom publishing and more!

Praise for Earl B. Heard’s seminars and keynote presentations:

“Earl Heard is obviously quite close to the subject of treating people the way you’d like be treated. His keynote presentation before the Sabine Neches Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers at the Industrial Fire World Conference & Expo illustrated that very well, whether the concept is applied to a business setting or a personal setting.”
— Alan Brown, Health Supervisor, Total Port Arthur, Texas, Refinery

“The audience at the Cooling Technology Institute’s annual conference was riveted by Earl’s anecdotes. He provided a different and refreshing perspective on achieving success and happiness on the job and off.”
— Glenn Rees, Program Chairman, Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference and Exhibition

“Earl, thank you for everything: speaking at the symposium, being a huge supporter of the (TEEX) fire school, but most of all, thanks for making a difference in my life. Going to the ‘Lone Survivor’ prescreening had a huge impact on me. I am a two-time combat vet myself. I truly loved seeing the outpouring of gratitude and charity made possible by your support. Please keep in touch and thank you for the experience. I am better because of it.” 
— Christopher Lyon, Assistant Director, Mays Business School, Center for Executive Development, Texas A&M University

“Given his prior hands-on industry experience and almost five decades of networking with professionals of all ages, Earl’s presentations are relatable to anyone in our business. He is both engaging and informative, whether he’s musing about the lessons learned during his childhood selling TV schedules in his neighborhood and concessions at sporting events or imparting his most useful trade show tactics and techniques. Several people in my company have learned and applied his Alligator Management and Marketing techniques in their interactions with clients and prospects, with great success.”
— David Fanta, CEO & President (Retired), Total Safety

“Mr. Heard is very energetic and informative during his presentations, whether he is talking about lessons learned during his lifetime, useful marketing tips, safety techniques or just good management observations. Just about anyone who is associated with our line of work, whether in operations, management, sales or safety will benefit from the presentation.

Anyone who attends one of Mr. Heard’s presentations will come away both entertained and enlightened and also with some new ideas on how to better themselves within our industry.”
— Rodney Landry, Project Manager, Maintenance and Turnaround Division, Turner Industries Group LLC

“Earl’s seminar was absolutely beneficial to our company. His seminar is realistic, and our salespeople really enjoyed it. The information is practical, and his sales techniques are proven.”
— Paul Tyree, Chief Operating Officer, Total Safety

“I enjoyed Earl Heard sharing his marketing techniques with us and I look forward to future events of this kind.”
— Dona Breeding, Beaumont, Texas, Branch Manager, BETCO Scaffold

For booking information, please call (800) 460-4242 or email Earl B. Heard at earlheard@bicalliance.com.