Listen to Earl Heard, co-author of Rock Bottom and Back discuss how to recover from rock bottom

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How do you recover when you hit rock bottom?

How do you create a business that supports your creativity?

Earl B. Heard of Big Media Solutions and the Bic Alliance shares how he built an energy magazine into a corporate giant so he could share books and movies to enhance lives. Tips for you on business-building, networking, finances, and more…

Books and movies mentioned today:

Rock Bottom and Back (coming to Uplift TV in March)
If you’d like more information on people who have overcome circumstances, addiction, disastrous health situations and more, please visit because you can make a stunning comeback, too. Read or view stories that will inspire you toward your own victory.

It’s What We Do Together That Counts

Earl’s Pearls  hardback available

Or Earl’s Pearls free ebook

Michael Learns to Listen (children’s book)

A Gift Horse movie with stars John Schneider, Kyla Kenedy, and Candi Brooks

Urban Country (coming soon, in development now)

Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience

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About our guest:  Earl B. Heard is the founder and CEO of Business and Industry Communications (BIC) Alliance, which includes IVS Investment Banking, BIC Recruiting, and BIC Media Solutions (BMS)- a custom publishing, event planning, and media investment company. He is also the publisher of BIC Magazine, the Western Hemisphere’s largest multi-industry energy publication. In addition to “Rock Bottom and Back,” Earl has published six books through BMS: “It’s What We Do Together That Counts,” “Energy Entrepreneurs,” “Industry Achievers,” “Earl’s Pearls,” “Michael Learns to Listen,” and “Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes-Leaving a Legacy”. In 2014, BMS expanded its media investments into co-producing and marketing inspirational, faith-based films, including “A Gift Horse,” starring John Schneider. BMS has also produced a companion DVD for “Rock Bottom and Back-From Desperation to Inspiration”. As an inspirational speaker, Earl shares his wealth of knowledge about how to become successful both personally and professionally. Earl resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his wife, Alice “Bodi” Heard.