“Earl Heard has spent his life touching the hearts of those who need inspiration and encouragement. Faith put into action can rescue us from the depths of despair and make our lives productive again. This book presents proof that it’s never too late. It’s a must read for those who are currently challenged and for those who seek to help themselves. I am thankful that I can call Earl a friend, a mentor and a colleague. Read this book and you will understand why.”—Dan S. Borné, president, Louisiana Chemical Association

“Susan Mustafa, a true-crime journalist, never sugarcoats reality. Earl B. Heard always seeks to inspire. Each of the twenty-two real-life stories presented in Rock Bottom and Back begins with an intense account of the hardest of hard moments, the deepest darkest holes where people find themselves and where they realize they can no longer keep digging. The stories of what happens next make this book Mustafa and Heard’s best yet and are proof that lives can change totally.”—Lillian K. Mirando, editor, The Daily Star

“Rock bottom. We’ve all been there, are there now, or know someone who is there. Rock Bottom and Back shares stories to encourage and challenge you and provides a roadmap to getting back from rock bottom—the greatest challenge of all. Earl and Susan’s ability to tell stories and share insights keeps you engaged every single page. No matter where you’re at in life, I highly recommend reading this book!”—Tim Gray, president, Gray Media

“Rock Bottom and Back™ is a superbly written compilation that brings the reader face-to-face with nearly every form of addiction, destructive lifestyle, and bad decision that drags people down into the pit of despair. But that isn’t where the stories stop. We get to read how, through God’s grace, lives are restored and ultimately blessed. Everyone can relate to this book and glean inspiration from it.”—Mike Chaffin, Bible Ministry chairman and member of the board of directors of the Oilfield Christian Fellowship, and operations manager for Valence Operating Company

“Rock Bottom and Back™ should be a game changer for those fighting addictions that destroy their lives and the lives of their family members. There were times when I literally found it impossible to stop reading. This is one of those timeless books that will inspire people for decades to come. Readers will want to share Rock Bottom and Back with anyone they know who may be struggling through life.”—David M. Starkey, director, Empire Scaffold

“This book proves that rock bottom can be the foundation upon which to put one’s life back in order – and be a source of inspiration to others. Every heartfelt story will grab you and not let you go.  Each demonstrates that when you emerge wiser and stronger from setbacks you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive.” —Brian Jud, Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales and author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books

I really enjoyed Rock Bottom and Back™. The writing style is excellent. The individual stories truly offer examples of our own humanity. They show that any of us can fall, and we are not alone. God will take our hand and bring us back home. These stories are as old as the Bible, but they are worth retelling and reminding us that we are only human and that the forgiveness and love of Jesus will make us whole. Great job!—Dr. John McClelland, cardiologist

“I loved Rock Bottom and Back™. The stories are so inspirational, and I have to confess that after reading each one, I cried. I think this book will be such a blessing to so many people. I enjoyed each story and seeing how, even in the worst situations, God is still there and can still turn people’s lives around.”—Julie Todd, junior high school teacher, League City, Texas

“Rock Bottom and Back™ is a must read for anyone who has experienced the tragedy of addiction, a nationwide plague that afflicts almost every family in today’s troubled times. Fortunately, there are those who, through courage and newborn faith, have pulled themselves out of destructive lifestyles to become productive members of society. There is hope, and Rock Bottom and Back provides it through the heartrending stories of men and women who have risen. It’s captivating and uplifting.”—Richard D. White Jr., noted biographer and dean of LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business

“I am a human. I am not always proud of our species. We gave ourselves the scientific name ‘Homo sapiens,’ which, translated means ‘wise persons.’ This is a questionable title given the condition of our beautiful blue planet. Still, we humans bring the gift of stories to the circle of life. I am most familiar with Jerry Strickland’s narrative in the book, Rock Bottom and Back™. I was privileged to be a witness to his pushing off rock bottom, swimming through chaos, and realizing the power of awareness and compassion. In his story—and others in this book—I renew my sense of possibility.”—Will Taegel, Ph.D., dean of Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, Ubiquity University